Expressions SG50

By Lakshmi Mohanbabu

2 Nov 15 – 8 Nov 15

Singaporeans across diverse communities in the act of reflecting, interacting and expressing their thoughts, feelings and hopes for the nation have been caught and encapsulated by Lakshmi in her art, the Exhibition “Expressions SG50” captures the emotions of the people of Singapore in the last 50 years, a journey which has not been easy. There were moments of Joy, Sadness, Anger…. emotions that are singing through Lakshmi’s Brush and paint in her compilation of Paintings.

Inspired by Chinese Opera emotions to depict the various emotions of the people of Singapore from despair to joy. Lakshmi has chosen a minimalist modern stylistic approach in the various expressions.

Artist Biography | Lakshmi Mohanbabu

Lakshmi is a Singaporean who grew up in Kabul Afghanistan during the late 70’ and 80’s. She is a trained architect from the Manipal Institute of Technology and a Fashion designer who graduated from the leading Fashion Design College, The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) New Delhi. She has over the past two decades taught fashion design, illustration and design history in various fashion institutes such as Lassalle School of the Arts and NIFT.  She has illustrated VHAI (Voluntary Health Association Of India )/ WHO books and manuals on disability and done a lot of socially conscious work over the past decades.

Over the years she has studied Art, Architecture, Jewelry and Design all over the world with significant time especially in Europe and Asia Pacific. This has enabled her to incorporate cross-cultural elements in her designs be it in painting, jewelry or art.

She has a passion for anything related to design be it painting , jewelery, furniture, architecture,  fashion, shoes, ….. She has a plethora of work with over 300 paintings in various mediums such as Pen and Ink, Pencil Color, Charcoal, Acrylic and Watercolors.