By Thibault Gauriau

7 May – 21 May 2016

Opening Night: 7 May, 6pm onwards

For his new exhibition, Thibault Gauriau explores some of the most important questions every one of us struggles with throughout life: Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?

Answering such questions is complicated and involves so many layers and subtleties. “IDENTITY” is a portrait series of various people’s inner-self. The core emotions that drives us all and the peaceful beauty we hide and protect deep under our skins can be revealed with grace and audacity. Thibault succeeds to create a visual representation of one’s Identity by sculpting a body expression paired with the vibrant colors of the core emotions we all struggle to put words on.

Thibault Gauriau(b.1985) is a Senior Artist at Industrial Light & Magic/Lucasfilm Singapore. He specializes in complex visual effects work for feature film and has been a professional photographer since 2006. After studying science, his interests diverted to the arts and creativity. Thibault has worked in photography, live-action films, commercial spots, animated movies, editing, retouching and VFX post production. With a background of more than 19 movies, Thibault is passionate about passing on the knowledge and has been teaching courses and master classes for art schools in Singapore and abroad.