NINE (久)

2 Sept 15 – 6 Sept 15

Since bygone days, Singapore – situated at the tip of the Malayan Peninsula – has experienced a constant flux of cultures brought on by those in transit. Traders, businesses, artists, migrant workers and immigrants bring an incessant flow of transitory elements which leave their evanescent traces on the tropical island. Some eventually become indelible marks which are meshed together and evolve as the Singapore culture.

With such diversity in cultures, the Singapore artistic landscape is at the same time unique, passionate, sometimes understated, occasionally misunderstood, fusional and most definitely eclectic.

Art Channel Gallery showcases nine Singapore-based artists with varied disciplines, techniques and styles in this group exhibition. These artists (8 Singaporeans and permanent residents, and an Indonesian) bring with them cultural backgrounds and memories from their home countries, fused with personal experiences, inspirations, and travels that shape their attitudes and concepts.

Additionally, the juxtaposition of artworks coming from artists of a spectrum of ages reveals distinctly different perspectives which are expressed in multifarious ways through contemporary art.

‘Nine (久)’ is a visual art exhibition that brings out divergence and convergence simultaneously. Diversity is apparent at first. However, the enduring qualities of the Singapore artistic landscape unveil upon closer observation. These artists will present works that invigorate the language of their traditions and still hold the propensity to innovate, build upon and break new ground on their journey.