Ieo Gek Ching | Solo Exhibition

25 June 15 –  28 June 15

“In this universe, there are many magnificent creatures that arouse my imagination. Every single behavior and characteristics of theirs intrigue me and makes me yearn to know more about them. This has unleashed my fantasy and creates an animal platform of my own. On every art piece that I have worked on, I have pictured parts of different animal features on it.  All my art pieces are reflections of my inner feelings I have on these wonderful animals.
Even in today’s world, humans are still on the mission of discovering of new animals. Humans are still far away from understanding the beauty of Nature and its functionality. And it is also the animals, which make nature their habitat. Some animals’ hybrids are born in the wild due to the environmental factors, while others are bred for profit or scientific curiosity.
The “inventions” that I have created showcased their uniqueness that I see in them. In this animal kingdom that I called of my own, I would say that it is a depiction of Chimera. It features a combination of animals and I would like to prove that every animal part lends its own contribution to the whole. It also follows the tag line “Teamwork is everything.” I have intricate in detailing and paper texture in order to charm the chimera to life. In my animal kingdom, I would like to express that every single animal is important and have a contribution to it. They should be treasured and be outshined globally. I cherished my animal kingdom. “