Our Garden of Eden

27 Nov – 6 Dec 2015

Singapore: Our Garden of Eden is an experimental mixed media visual art exhibition that commemorates 50 years of the nation’s independence with collaboration works of two Singapore artists. Kevin Tan (painter) and Terence Tan (photographer) are challenged to a new breakthrough on the theme of Singapore as a city in a garden. They will create jointly on the same canvas and communicate to the audience their sentiments and perspectives of what make Singapore our garden of Eden.

It advocates the ordinary and simple. Landscapes we have become accustomed to. Daily scenes we do not take a second look at. Sweltering heat we find unbearable. A clean and green environment we have grown to expect. As the artists contemplate on what they would truly love or miss about Singapore, they jointly produce art works that throw a question back at the audience: if we could just stop and look, what stunning scenes would we behold?

Terence Tan will be photographing scenes with pictures that convey the story of Singapore, while Kevin Tan will draw and paint onto the photographs his perspectives of a city in a garden. Their collaborative artworks aim to engage and evoke multiple responses from the audience: Is this Singapore? Where in Singapore? Is there such a place in Singapore?

This fine art project is timed to coincide with the jubilee celebrations this year, and conceptualized to celebrate Singapore’s success in building a clean and green environment. It will feature beautiful scenes of Singapore as a garden city through art and photography captured in rare moments and unusual angles, and layered with the artists’ own perspectives and experiences of growing up in Singapore.